Multimodal GUI for driving an autonomous wheelchair

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Title: Multimodal GUI for driving an autonomous wheelchair
LURCH wheelchair.jpg


Description: This project pulls together different Airlab projects with the aim to drive an autonomous wheelchair (LURCH - The autonomous wheelchair) with a multi modal interface (Speech Recognition, Brain-Computer Interface, etc.), through the development of key software modules. The work will be validated with live experiments.
Tutor: MatteoMatteucci (, SimoneCeriani (, DavideMigliore (
Start: 2009/10/01
Students: 1 - 2
CFU: 5 - 10
Research Area: BioSignal Analysis
Research Topic: Brain-Computer Interface
Level: Bs, Ms
Type: Course
Status: Closed
Tools and instruments
C++, C, BCI2000, Matlab
EEG system
Lurch wheelchair
R. Blatt et al. Brain Control of a Smart Wheelchair [1]