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The A.R.Drone Parrot quadricopter.

A.R.Drone Parrot is a commercial, low cost quadricopter, which can be driven remotely by computer or by a smartphone. It has a camera on board which can send images via WI-FI.

The robot home is the AIRLab in Lambrate (over the cupboard C) and it is used to implement Robogames.

In the box there is the drone. Over the main box, in a smaller box there are the charger, the power supply for the charger and a supplementary battery. Batteries lasts usually for about 15' of flight, and take about 2 h to be recharged.

If you need to take it from there, you should first ask Andrea Bonarini, and then book it in the table below.

Take care when you take the robot from the box, since the hull can be easily broken.

Day Time Person Project
Date for xx days Andrea Bonarini Name of your project page