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General info

  • You can purchase things directly if you spend less than 100€ including taxes (obviously with authorization of your tutor). Give the receipt or invoice to your tutor to obtain refund!
  • If you need to spend more you need to refer to your tutor to start a different procedure ("Buono d'Ordine").

Robot bases and components

  • Robot Domestici Italian site. Some good prices, some very high.
  • Robot Italy Italian site. A lot of stuff.
  • Robostore Italian site. A lot of stuff. Well organized.
  • Emmeshop Italian site. A lot of stuff.
  • Robotshop Really a lot of stuff. Check to be on the EU site
  • Hobby King A lot of stuff, mostly model-oriented. Check to be on the EU Warehouse.
  • kitronik Kits and unusual stuff.
  • Jonathan Italian site. Model oriented.
  • Maxon The best (and most expensive) motors

Electronics devices

  • RS - You can shop on-line or buy direct from the RS shop located in via W. Tobagi, 19 - Vimodrone (near the "Cascina Burrona" stop of MM2). Important! If you buy directly at the RS shop, you absolutely must request that the name on the invoice ("fattura") is: Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione - via Ponzio 34/5 - 20133 Milano and that the invoice is marked as paid (RS uses a strange paper-piercing tool to do the mark). If you ask for these two things, you get a 10% discount; if you don't, you don't get the discount and, above all, you cannot obtain a refund from your tutor!
  • Farnell - You can shop on-line with discounts.
  • Franchi di Scarpa - Via Padova, 74 - Milano.
  • Watterott Online shop in Germany (no additional taxes): drivers, microcontrollers, cards, ...
  • Hobbytronics Online shop in UK: components, wires, ...
  • Sintolvox - Via Privata Asti, 12 (close to Piazza Piemonte) - Milano.
  • Futura Elettronica - via Adige 11, 21013 Gallarate (Va)
  • LeD elettronica snc - Milano via Bessarione 14 (Corvetto) - 02-5392845
  • Microchip - OnLine shops for PIC and other stuffs. For sample request try to sent an e-mail to franca.borella<at> Italian sales office is located in Legnano, Via P. Picasso 41. Reception Phone: 0331-742611; Franca Borella: 0331-742621.

PCB printing services

  • ITead Studio - Cheap and good quality chinese supplier - 1 week production time plus shipping (from 5 days with DHL to 3-4 weeks with standard mailing)
  • Seeed Studio - Cheap and good quality chinese supplier - Almost the same as ITead Studio but with some different panelizing options

Machine shop

  • Meccanica di precisione srl di Moretti Piero, via Tartini Giuseppe 6 (map), 02-3761826. Use line 82 from Bovisa or MM3 Maciachini.
  • Ferramenta Pietro Viganò, via Montevideo 8, Milano. Near the "S. Agostino" stop of MM2.
  • Ferramenta Sergio Santori, next to via Buschi 19 (near the intersection between via Buschi and via Grossich, at 50m from the exit "via Pacini" of stop "Lambrate FS" of MM2). Unassuming small shop without a sign (it's the one on the right of "Ditta G&G"), but surprisingly well stocked. Try it.
  • Item: modular aluminium mechanical components. Some of these are already available in the lab.


  • For posters and such things, one place is Virus (via Corti 30, near the DEI).

Miscellaneous online resources

  • Traceparts: a repository of 2D and 3D CAD models (requires user registration).
  • Burklin: vendor of cables and other stuff
  • CTMeca: an Italian vendor of mechanical parts.
  • FICED: plastic material
  • Miorini: metal - Viale Ortles, 21 - Milan
  • Flockcart: Resin, plastic, silicon, ... - Via Valparaiso 11 - Milan
  • BCM: Lattice - Piazzale Aquileia,6 - Milan
  • SAET: Acrilic, plexiglas, plastic - Via Candiani, 9 - Milan
  • Plasting: Plastic - Via Alpini, 9 - Segrate (Milan)
  • Moroni Gomma: Rubber, gum - Via Giusti, 20 - Milan
  • Baldo Legnami: Wood- Via Val d'Intelvi, 24 - Milan
  • Omar aluminio : aluminum bars Pero MM
  • La milano alluminio: aluminum Via Gallarate 355 Milano