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When you are facing a problem, before starting to browse the Internet and scratch your head, take a look to AIRWiki: it's possible that other users already solved it for you. If you don't find the solution on AIRWiki and have to look elsewhere for it (and possibly do a lot of work), when you finish... add it to AIRWiki!

If you find a page useful and you want to know if someone ever adds other good stuff to it, you can watch the page. Just click on the watch button at the top of the page you're interested in. You will receive an email notification for any update.

To become an AIRLab user

You can find a complete description of the process in the Bureaucracy page, but these are the main stages:

  1. enter the AIRWiki community: ask your Advisor to set up an AIRWiki user account for you
  2. know what you're doing: learn the safety norms and the AIRLab rules
  3. obtain the certificate of successful completion of the courses about safety (available online at [1])
  4. tell the other AIRLab users about you and your work: fill in your AIRWiki user page and set up a project page for your project
  5. obtain the authorization to physically enter the lab: the procedure is described in the Bureaucracy page

Please note that you will not be authorized if the AIRWiki pages which you have to prepare are not ready.

For AIRWiki Administrators

Useful Resources

Writing and Reading
  • Howto write a thesis? Suggestions to prepare your thesis (only in Italian for now... translators are welcome!).
  • Suggestions to write well can help to produce a good thesis, as well as good scientific publications in general. Here is the part of the 14 steps to write well found on the San Francisco Edit company site that Andrea Bonarini shares.
  • You can access all the papers for which Politecnico has bought a subscription even when you are at home if you enable the [Politecnico proxy]. The instruction page is provided by the nice people of ASI in Italian only. For an English version of the page, try to poke them if you can find how to get in touch with them.
  • Tips for editors of AIRWiki are also collected by this community, just to help to understand some of the hidden beauty of semantic WIKIs.
Software and programming
  • Go to What's in the AIRLab if you are looking for stuff in the lab
  • Need to learn how to solder? Check the following links: 1 2 3
  • Some useful addresses and links about shops, stores, factories. With some of them we have partnerships for discounts. You can find information here.
Hardware configuration
Producing videos and publishing them
  • Usually, at the end of the project, people tend to produce a video and put it on the web. The best way to do this is to produce a video and then send it to Andrea Bonarini to have it published on the YouTube channel of the AIRLab. Then you can put the link wherever you want, hopefully also in the page of your project on AIRWiki, as done, e.g. in ROBOWII
Miscellanea (uncategorized)
  • If you are searching the homepage of a DEI professor (or PhD Student) try this Mozilla Firefox plugin.
  • For PhDay08 we've set up an Easychair account for paper reviews. Here's a little tutorial for reviewers that might be useful in case you have to review somehing/teach someone how the system works.
  • Useful phone numbers, download ODT document or PDF .
  • Recipes (yes, REAL recipies of special food) from people at AIRLab
  • Sometimes, some geeky fun is all you need. Find it here!