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Welcome to AIRWiki! AIRWiki is AIRLab's wiki. AIRLab is the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano University (Italy).

AIRWiki was born as a tool for teachers, researchers and students to share information about projects in an easy and quick way. However, it quickly evolved into a display of the activities of AIRLab too: you are invited to browse this wiki, to discover what we work on.

If you are looking for a description of what the AIRLab is, who works in it, and what scientific interests they have, the best place is the AIRLab website; but if you want an overview of what we are actually doing, AIRWiki is the right place!

Research areas

At the AIRLab we work on a very broad range of topics, organized in these areas:

These areas are described in detail on this page of AIRLab's website.


Research work in the above areas is done within projects. Details about active and finished projects are available at the Projects page. Ongoing projects are covered as soon as enough - and structured enough - information about them is available.

Information about how to set up and manage a project page can be found at Projects - HOWTO.

Project Proposals (for courses, theses, ...)

Proposals of course or thesis projects for students are available at the following pages:

First Level Course Projects

First Level Theses

Master Level Course Projects

Master Level Theses

If you are interested in any proposal you can contact the tutors by email.

How do I access the contents of this wiki?

AIRWiki is conceptually composed of two layers:

  • a public layer, readable by everyone on the internet and modifiable by AIRWiki's Registered users;
  • a private layer, reserved to the Registered users (who can read and edit its contents).

More information about how such layers are actually implemented and how to access the private layer is available in the Layers page.

The public layer of AIRWiki is relatively stable: it is mainly constituted by documentation about past and ongoing projects, accessible through the Projects page. In addition to that, it includes useful information about the AIRLab (see #The AIRLab) and tutorials for AIRLab users (see #AIRLab survival guide).

The private layer is used by the people working on the projects as a repository of all the information related to them. Much of this information will eventually be suitably formatted and moved to the public layer.

How can I contribute?

Contribution to the wiki (i.e. creation and modification of pages) is limited to Registered users.

If you are a registered user and have information you want to share (description of what you do, links to useful sources of information, HOWTOs, and so on) just publish them on AIRWiki: it's easy and - dare we say it? - fun! As a guideline, consider putting on AIRWiki everything you would have liked to find there... instead of being forced to find out the hard way. And everything future students who will build upon your work would like to find.

At Projects - HOWTO you can find instructions and guidelines about how to set up a page for the project you work on and how to add new information to it.

Moreover, a wiki always needs help in terms of maintenance, linking between pages, shaping of a structure and so on. And well, in this very moment it also needs a logo ;-) If you want to help please send an email to either migliore (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it or eynard (at) elet (dot) polimi (dot) it.

The AIRLab

Work (generally speaking) is done somewhere, using something and to reach some goal ;-) For the AIRLab, the following links tell you...

If you want details about who the professors and researchers working at the AIRLab are and what scientific work they do, just go to the AIRLab website.

AIRLab survival guide

Some things are neither scientific nor technical, but you must know them all the same to work in the AIRLab...

As we are on the subject of survival (read: how to avoid hurting yourself or others), remember that to work in the AIRLab you must know the Safety norms and comply with them.