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This is a meta page: an AIRWiki page about the AIRWiki itself!


  • because people change, websites remain
  • because someone might need to know how to setup a wiki elsewhere, or reinstall this one
  • because the software might be updated by someone else and things might stop working
  • because you (yes, you too!) might need to know some details about this wiki


That is, details about the AIRWiki namespace. As you probably have noticed yet, this page belongs to a particular namespace called AIRWiki (if you click here you can see all the pages belonging to this namespace). This namespace is used to publish information about the wiki itself, its management, and its configuration, so anyone in the group is able to know what's going on behind the website. This namespace is made readable only to AIRWiki members thanks to the Lockdown extension, so feel free to use them as "work" pages (if they are useful we'll appreciate them even if they're not polished!). However, keep in mind that wikis are not built to hide information, so keep your passwords and private information for yourself ;-).


Currently, the maintainers who can access the AIRWiki directory on the web server are Davide Eynard and Davide Migliore.

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