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(New page: '''See http://davide.eynard.it/elc/''' Properties of this project: Title: PrjTitle::A Unifying Framework for Semantic Annotation Research area: [[PrjArea::Social Software and Seman...)
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'''See http://davide.eynard.it/elc/'''
|title=A Unifying Framework for Semantic Annotation
Properties of this project:
|short_descr=See http://davide.eynard.it/elc/
Title: [[PrjTitle::A Unifying Framework for Semantic Annotation]]
|resarea=Social Software and Semantic Web
|restopic=Semantic Annotations
Research area: [[PrjArea::Social Software and Semantic Web]]
Research topic: [[PrjResTopic::Semantic Annotations]]
Start: [[PrjStarts::2009/06/01]]
<!--'''See http://davide.eynard.it/elc/'''-->
Tutor: [[PrjTutor::User:DavideEynard|Davide Eynard]], [[PrjTutor::User:DavidLaniado|David Laniado]]
Status: [[PrjStatus::Active]]

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A Unifying Framework for Semantic Annotation
Short Description: See http://davide.eynard.it/elc/
Tutor: DavideEynard (eynard@elet.polimi.it), DavidLaniado (david.laniado@gmail.com)
Research Area: Social Software and Semantic Web
Research Topic: Semantic Annotations
Start: 2009/06/01
End: 2011/01/01
Status: Closed