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(Ongoing Projects)
(Finished Projects)
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==Finished Projects==
==Finished Projects==
* [[Driving companions]]
* [[Affective Robotic Rehabilitation]]
* [[Affective Robotic Rehabilitation]]
* [[Affective Devices]]
* [[Affective Devices]]

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Affective computing is aimed at detecting the emotional state of people involved in the interaction with a machine, in order to improve the interactiom. It is aimed at the introduction of an affective comunicative channel that goes near the standard cognitive one that is present in each human-machine system.

Click here for a brief description of the Research Area, taken from the AirLab website.

The Automatic Emotions Recognition group has now a website: emoticaLab. Find out any information about research topics, products and news about our world.

Ongoing Projects

Finished Projects