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AirBAT is a repository containing software developed in projects related to the BioSignal Analysis area.

It is based on Subversion; you can find some help in configuring Subversion in the Configuring Subversion page.

Here follows a brief description of the structure of the repository. There are also some "rules" about the best way to use it.


The root contains three directories:

  • AffectiveComputing: software for analysis of biological signals for BioSignal Analysis
  • Robot: software used for the control of the robots built to generate different level of stress in users
  • bci: software for analysis of EEG used for Brain-Computer Interfaces


The project depends on the collaborative effort of people; these rules are not strict laws enforced by the AirBAT police, but guidelines to make an effective use of the tools. In summary, you can break them, but you have to have a good reason to do that. If you think that some policy could be made better, please tell your advisor or co-advisor.