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** '''bib''': bibliography (Bibtex files, databases and styles)
** '''bib''': bibliography (Bibtex files, databases and styles)
** '''images''': obvious
** '''images''': obvious
* '''emotica''': Affective computing stuff
* '''slam''': simultaneous localization ans mapping
* '''slam''': simultaneous localization ans mapping
* '''wheelchair''': Lurch-related stuff
* '''wheelchair''': Lurch-related stuff

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Airpaper (authentication needed) is the repository of papers written at Airlab.

It is based on Subversion; you can find some help in configuring Subversion in the Configuring Subversion page. https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airpaper/ is the repository Url when you checkout your working copy. When you have configured Subversion, you can find some information and pointers on how to use the system in the Using Subversion page.

You have to be added as a user to the project by one of the administrators, even if you already are a user of Dei's Savane. Administrators/authors currently are: Rossella Blatt, Bernardo Dal Seno, Giulio Fontana, Matteo Matteucci, Simone Tognetti. (New administrators, please add your names here)


This is a partial structure of the repository:

  • bci: BCI-related stuff
  • benchmarking: papers related to benchmarking in robotics
  • common: common stuff
    • bib: bibliography (Bibtex files, databases and styles)
    • images: obvious
  • emotica: Affective computing stuff
  • slam: simultaneous localization ans mapping
  • wheelchair: Lurch-related stuff

All files related to a paper should be contained in one directory; please use a name that is clear and begins with a year, e.g., 2009_Science, 2010_Nature_Higgs.



For administrators

Instruction for managing users are on the page DEI Subversion Administration