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Here you can find the projects that have been suggested on April Fool's Day, inspired by IETF's tradition (see here for more information). Currently we have only one for April, 1st, 2009. We thank our contributors and we are open for suggestions for 2010's Fool's Day Project!

Evolutionary Optimization and Stochastic Optimization

Title: Genetic Algorithms for the optimization of the structural design of push-up bras
Description: The project will focus on the application of techniques from evolutionary optimization, such as Genetic Algorithms or Evolutionary Strategies, for the optimization of design of push-up bras for women. In particular the student will focus on the identification of the best shape for extra large breast, in order to propose new comfortable and safe designs, to be worn in different contexts, such as gym or disco-pub.

The project is divided into three parts. First a review of the existing literature, both in the engineering community and the fashion literature. In particular students will be asked to create a statistical model of the shape of breasts of women, using techniques that come image processing, starting from a dataset of pictures, taken from last 20 years of the Playboy magazine. Starting from the result of the first phase, genetic algorithms and other techniques will be used to improve the shape of current state-of-the -art bras. Finally, the last phase will consist of a validation of the model. For the purpose we have a partnership with Victoria Secrets, Milan, that will provide some models, in order to experimentally validate the results.

Successful design will be presented at the next Lingerie & Swimwear exhibition in Milan. Good coding techniques are required, and good spoken English language is a plus, in order to interact with other people involved in the project.

Picture taken from www.victoriassecret.com

  • [1] Genetic Algorithm Handbook
  • [2] Playboy, magazine, from January 1989 to April 2009
Tutor: Fisher Avril
Start: Starting from 1st of April
Number of students: 1-2
CFU: 90-60-90