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Title: Autistic Children Play Robot


Description: Within a Polisocial project we will have to implement a robot suitable to play autonomously with autistic children that will interact with it and a game system by gestures.

The thesis will explore some of the aspects of the problem, eventually participating to the production of prototypes to be tested with real users. The thesis gives the possibility to develop a robot with special requirements, and to work with gesture interpretation by using devices such as Kinect or the WII Mote. The work is done in an interdisciplinary group including care givers and designers.

Tutor: AndreaBonarini (andrea.bonarini@polimi.it)
Start: 2015/01/20
Students: 1 - 2
CFU: 20 - 20
Research Area: Robotics
Research Topic: Robogames
Level: Ms
Type: Thesis
Status: Closed