Automated Recognition between alkaline and non-alkaline AA batteries

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Part 1: project profile

Project name

Automated Recognition between alkaline and non-alkaline AA batteries.

Project short description

The project is about building an image recognition system capable of automatically distinguish beetween alkaline and non-alkaline AA batteries given some real-time taken images. This is a task currently carried out by humans who take an average time of about 4sec per battery. The project aims to take significantly less than 4sec per battery to correctly perform the task.


Start date: 2009/10/28

Not already defined


People involved

Prof. Matteo Matteucci - User:MatteoMatteucci

Fabio Giannelli - User:FabioGiannelli

Simone Ceriani - User:SimoneCeriani

Project head(s)

Prof. Matteo Matteucci - User:MatteoMatteucci

Students currently working on the project

Fabio Giannelli - User:FabioGiannelli

Students who worked on the project in the past

Simone Ceriani - User:SimoneCeriani

Laboratory work and risk analysis

Laboratory work for this project won't include any harmful activity since it just involves a laptop, some lamps, a softbox and a camera for taking pictures.

Part 2: project description

Just a little skeleton of the work (it just started and details will be added as the project develops):

- Detection and picture rectification of batteries

- Database Indexation

- Error Characterization

- Smoothing

- Other approaches: SURF/SIFT, etc