B-Smart Behaviour Sequence Modeler and Recognition tool

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Part 1: project profile

Project name

B Smart: Behaviour sequences modeler and recognition tool

Project short description

This project is aimed at developing a tool to recognize, model and classify behaviours in the most widely way using HMMs.


Start date: 2007/03/01

End date: 2010/12/31


none so far

People involved

Nicolas Tagliani User:NicolasTagliani Alessandro Stranieri User:AlessandroStranieri

Project head(s)

Matteo Matteucci User:MatteoMatteucci

Students currently working on the project

Nicolas Tagliani - User:NicolasTagliani

Laboratory work and risk analysis

Laboratory work for this project will be mainly performed at AIRLab/Lambrate. There won't be any risks related to this project because it's a totally software tool.

Part 2: project description

Stay tuned for updates. This is only a preliminary page.