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Title: Barking Robots


Description: [[prjDescription::Aim of this project is the development of a robot that can operate autonomously at exhibitions and malls to attract people to a given location, by showing interesting behaviors and intercating with people.

The robot first exhibition has been at [Robotica 2009], within [HI-Tech Expo] at [Fiera di Milano], on November 23-25, 2009. Here, the robot had to go around in an area delimited by a white stripe and contact verbally and with gestures people entering the area, in order to attract them to the booth.

Behaviors and gestures have still to be develop to come to an interesting and robust demo at next Robotica, or at other ehibits (e.g. at the Museo della Scienza of Milan).]]

Tutor: AndreaBonarini (andrea.bonarini@polimi.it)
Start: 2010/02/25
Students: 1 - 2
CFU: 5 - 20
Research Area: Robotics
Research Topic: Robot development
Level: Bs, Ms
Type: Thesis
Status: Active