Batch Learning for Poker

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MRT: Batch Learning for Poker
Coordinator: MarcelloRestelli (
Students: RafaelVilella (
Research Area: Machine Learning
Research Topic:
Start: 2010/03/01
End: 1970/01/01
Status: Active
Type: Thesis

Project short description

This project is aimed at determination an efficient policy to play Poker Limit Hold`em Heads up. Subdivided in three major areas: 1- Analysis of rules of poker and player strategies. 2- Feature Extraction: Given the fact that number of possible states are quite large (10E14). A FS approach is necessary. 3- Fitted Q-Iteration to determinate the policy using Extremely Randomized Trees.


Start date: 2010/03/01

End date: Still in progress

Project head(s)


Students currently working on the project

Rafael Domingues Santos Vilella

Laboratory work and risk analysis

This project is related to software developing so there are no dangerous activities