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! Day !! Time !! Person
! Day !! Time !! Person
| February 15-19 || All Day || [[User:AndreaBonarini | Andrea Bonarini]]
| April 27 || All Day || [[User:MartinoMigliavacca | Martino Migliavacca]]

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In the AIRLab you can find also a memory camcorder, i.e. a consumer camera system that records (lossy) compressed digital video onto standard SD flash memory cards. It's a Samsung - VP-MX10H and can be used to record on video demos, lessons or talks. It is fitted with an 8GB SD card, i.e. the biggest it can be used with.

Main features:

  • maximum resolution 720x576 pixel (progressive scan), the same as DVD
  • MPEG4 encoding (Mplayer for Linux, for example, plays it back perfectly)
  • 2.7" 16:9 LCD Display (but recorded image format is 4:3)
  • 34x Optical zoom (1200x with digital zoom)
  • image stabilizer (use it if you go over, say, 4x of zoom factor)
  • USB connection to PC (it's seen as a mass storage device)
  • maximum usable SD card capacity 8GB
  • 220' of video on an 8GB card in best-quality mode
  • 120' (claimed) battery duration (with fully charged battery, during recording and if you don't play much with the zoom)
  • unreliable battery charge indicator :-(
  • battery discharges quickly even when the device is off, so be sure to recharge it before use

The place of the camera is ...

... in the Armadio Visione in the lab at DEI. This can be opened with the key that the interested people have (e.g., Giulio Fontana, Andrea Bonarini, Matteo Matteucci, ...).

If the camera is not there, you should ask to the last one that booked it (to be always left here below). If you take the camera, please, book it (here below).


If you want to use the camera, please book in advance by adding an entry to the table.

Day Time Person
April 27 All Day Martino Migliavacca