DEI Subversion Administration

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This page contains instruction for administrator of Subversion repository hosted on the departmental servers.

Adding a new user

To add a new user, do the following:

  • Go to and login with your Dei account
  • If needed, Create a new account
  • Edit the file<REPOSITORY>/conf/authz; the syntax is described on the help page on the Subversion server. Editing is done in three steps:
    • Copy the file to your computer using scp:
      scp -p <YOUR_USERNAME><REPOSITORY>/conf/authz /tmp/
      notice that if you aren't authorized no errors will be prompted but you can't find authz file on your pc!
    • Edit the file /tmp/authz
    • Copy the file back to the server:
      scp -p /tmp/authz <YOUR_USERNAME><REPOSITORY>/conf/

Creating a new account

The best way to create a new account is to ask the user to do it: Let users create their own accounts

This operation can be performed by anyone who has a valid departmental account.

  • Go to and login with your Dei account
  • Select 'Accounts' -> 'New account'
  • Fill in the data (users can subsequently change their passwords)

Let users create their own accounts

This procedure let the users to select all the details of the account, so the supervisor has only to confirm the account.

Instructions for a new user:

Instructions for the Dei responsible to confirm a newly created account

  • Login on
  • Select 'Accounts' -> 'Modify accounts'
  • Select the new user from the list
  • Click on the 'Extend' button near the expiration date