Firefox Extension for Semantic Annotation

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Firefox Extension for Semantic Annotation
Corresponding Proposal: A firefox extension for semantic annotations
Coordinator: DavideEynard (
Tutor: DavideEynard (, DavidLaniado (, RiccardoTasso (
Students: VanVungPham (
Research Area: Social Software and Semantic Web
Research Topic: Semantic Annotations
Start: 2009/10/30
End: 2010/02/15
Status: Active
Level: Ms
Type: Course



In every area of software development, the ease in extensibility and efficiency of the development is always a practical issue, especially in the world of JavaScript which is difficult to debug when things go wrong. Furthermore, it is always a benefit of having a generic methodology which allows the developers to develop applications in a declarative way using RDF technologies.

In this AIRLab project I would like to present a methodology which tries to satisfy the mentioned requirements. This methodology will present the development steps, design architectures, and technologies in development of extensible Firefox extension for Semantic Annotations.

The report first analyzes the generic components of Firefox extensions for semantic annotations to have clear idea of steps that should be followed to develop an extension providing semantic annotation functionalities. Basing on this analysis, the code for the generic components is implemented. Then later the programmers can just declaratively describe the components, using RDF technologies, and the code will automatically generate them based on the developers’ descriptions.

The report will next describes about each of the components, how they are described in RDF and how to use them in JavaScript code if needed.

For the developers who would like to extend this framework, there is also a part describing the coding ideas of this development methodology and the possible extensions of this project.

Development Architecture

Development architecture of this Firefox Extension for Semantic Annotations is depicted as follows:


For detail explanation of the architecture please refer to the PDF version of the report in the Downloads section.


PDF of the Report

The developed extensions