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Here you can find a list of project proposals for the courses of "Progetto di Ingegneria Informatica" and "Progetto di Robotica" (5 CFU for each student)


Title: Simulation of 6-DOF Robot Manipulator
Description: The goal of this project is to develop a simulator for a 6-DOF robot manipulator, using the ode (open dynamics engine) library for simulating the rigid body dynamics. The project involves three different phases:
  • Building the physical model of the manipulator
  • Implementing the forward and inverse kinematic routines
  • Implementing the trajectory planning routines
  • Implementing the control modules
  • Implementing an interface to control the robot movements

This project allows to put into practice what has been explained during the first part of the course of Robotics.

The project can be turned into a thesis, by using the simulated manipulator to perform some learning experiments.

Tutor: Marcello Restelli (restelli-AT-elet-DOT-polimi-DOT-it)
Start: Anytime
Number of students: 2-3
CFU: 10-15

Title: Robot games
Robowii robot.jpg
Description: The goal of this activity is to develop an interactive game with robots using commercial devices such as the WII Mote (see the Robogames page)

Projects are available in different areas:

  • Design of the game and implementation on one of the available robots
  • Design of the game and of a suitable robot
  • Implementation/setting of a suitable robot

These projects allow to experiment with real mobile robots and real interaction devices.

The project can be turned into a thesis by producing a new game and robot.

Tutor: Andrea Bonarini (bonarini-AT-elet-DOT-polimi-DOT-it)
Start: Anytime
Number of students: 2
CFU: 7-15