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This area belongs to the Robogames research line. We consider here projects developing robogames with a high level of direct interaction with the user. For some projects, more movies are available from the projects' sites.

Jedi Training Robogame

The Jedi Training Robogame line, was aimed at implementing a Jedi Trainer for light saber usage. After some trials done by different students, DiegoMartinoia and DanieleCalandriello have developed the successful Jedi Robot Training 3.0, based on a flying quadrotor.

A test of the Jedi Robot Training 3.0 project. Notice that it is working outside, with confusing colors in background. The system is quite robust, and very playable. It has been tested also in public exhibitions like the 2011 Open day at Politecnico di Milano and Robotica 2011, in Milan. External link


The RoboWII line was born to exploit playful interaction between robot and players. In the last project of the line Deborah Zamponi and Cristian Mandelli produced a highly interactive robogame(RoboWII2.1), where a player has to prevent a mobile robot to reach its base, by shooting at it with different weapons, implemented by a WII Mote.

External link


In RoboTower, a mobile robot shouldruin down the enemy tower in a given amount of time. The human player has to prevent this by acquiring obstacles and putting them on the game field, either at the beginning of the game, or during the game, by buying obstacles from a computer dispenser.

The game implemented by DavideTateo and MarcelloPogliani is very playable, and has been tested at Robotica 2012 and 2012 Open day at Politecnico di Milano. Unexpected behaviors come from the players. Sound plays an important role. External link


Fight with a nerdy Robot, 40 cm tall with no handicap for him? This is the idea by SimonePagani and FabioSantiVenuto on which WiizardBot born; the only way to level out the human player and the robot is to move the fight to another dimension: Wizardry. The player can't touch the robot, and viceversa, the only way to defeat the opponent is by using a wand, casting magic spells! Attacking and defending in order to rescue a poor little fella, trapped by an evil, short robot.

WiizardBot: a game with Spykee, some magic, a puppet, and a candle... External link