Indoor Localization using NuZoo base station

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Indoor Localization using NuZoo base station
Short Description: The goal is to perform indoor localization using low frequency base station
Coordinator: MatteoMatteucci (
Students: AlbertoGasparin (, LucaMorreale (
Research Topic: Indoor Localization
Start: 2016/05/10
Level: Ms

The Project in short

The problem issued is the one of localization in and indoor environment. For this purpose 10 base station and a beacon (i.e the 'transponder' to be localized) provided by NuZoo will be used.

What we use

  • Basestation ITT 2.0 based on active RFID.
  • C/C++ scripting.
  • Extended Kalman algorithm (EKF) adapted for 2D.
  • Matlab for simulation.

External Links

Repository of the project.