Jedi Robot Training 2.0

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This project for the Robotics Lab Course in Como, is aimed at implementing a system based on a mobile pointer that heads to a Jedi knight trainee. When the laser mounted on the pointer fires, the trainee should get it by a sword.

This work is done as part of the ROBOWII effort.

Persons in charge: Adrien Servier and Andrea Nicotra


I] Saber Module

  1) Test Module with a single InfraRed LED
  2) Wood Saber construction 
  3) Electronic part (battery adjustment)

II] Wii Recognition

  1) Software : Bluetooth libraries examination 
  2) Tests : Wii datas retrieval

III] LED Recognition

  1) The 4 LED positions extraction (work in progress)

VI] Laser Module

  1) Servo-motors documentation examination
  2) Code already existing comprehension
  3) Code modifications (work in progress)