LURCH Restyling

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This page describe the process of restyling the LURCH wheelchair [LURCH].

Restyling process has start in June 2010.


Only one of the two pc-bricks is mantained on new lurch architecture. It's a Intel CoreDuo with an Ubuntu 9.10 installed.


The 7-inch touchscreen monitor (Xenarc 700TSV), 800x480 resolution (16:10 AR) was configured using the drivers provided by the manufacturer.

Remote Connection

Lurch pc is equipped with a wireless usb device and a ad hoc net named LurchNet was created using the Ubuntu Network Manager. IP (v4) is fixed for the lurch pc to

You can connect to this network, but you need to create manually the network connection. Specify:

  • SSID: lurchNet
  • type: adHoc
  • IP: 192.168.0.n, with n between 2 and 254
  • mask:

Now you can use a vnc client (like vinagre) to access the remote desktop (the password is the same of lurch user on pc, see the discussion of this page)!