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[ Lego Minstorms NXT] is a commercial, low cost robot Kit produced by Lego, following their philosophy and the constructivist approach By Seymour Papert.

We have two kits and 6 kits of its ancestor, the RCX. The kits home is the closed in the lathe workshop AIRLab in Lambrate, and are to be used by people working on the ROBOWII and RobogameDesign projects.

If you need to take it from there, you should first ask Andrea Bonarini, and then book it in the table below.

Kit # Day Time Person Project
Lego 1 May 18 for their thesis project Gabriele Pallotta and Luigi Parpinel RoboWII2.0.L
Lego 1&2 July 13 for their HCI project Mirko Curtolo and Marco Fragnoli RoboWII2.0.L