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Here you can find a list of project proposals for the courses of "Laboratorio di Intelligenza Artificiale e Robotica" (5 CFU for each student) and "Soft Computing" (1 CFU for each student)

Machine Learning

Title: Reinforcement Learning Competition
Description: This project has the goal of participating to (and possibly winning ;)) the 2009 Reinforcement Learning competition. To have an idea of what participate to such a competition means you can have a look at the website of the 2008 RL competition.

The problems that will be proposed are still unknown. As soon as the domains will be published, the work will start by analyzing their main characteristics and, then we will identify which RL algorithms are most suited for solving such problems. After an implementation phase, the project will required a long experimental period to tune the parameters of the learning algorithms in order to improve the performance as much as possible.

Tutor: Marcello Restelli (restelli-AT-elet-DOT-polimi-DOT-it)
Start: January, 2009
Number of students: 2-4
CFU: 10-20