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* cd in your workspace directory
* cd in your workspace directory
* to download all the project: svn co https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airlab/Projects/MoonSlamProject/
* to download all the project: <code>svn co https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airlab/Projects/MoonSlamProject/</code>
* to download only the "trunk": svn co https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airlab/Projects/MoonSlamProject/trunk
* to download only the "trunk": <code>svn co https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airlab/Projects/MoonSlamProject/trunk/</code>
* to download only a "tag": svn co https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airlab/Projects/MoonSlamProject/tags/<tagname>
* to download only a "tag": <code>svn co https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airlab/Projects/MoonSlamProject/tags/<tagname>/</code>
** (you can know all the tags by svn ls https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airlab/Projects/MoonSlamProject/tags/<tagname>)
** (you can know all the tags by <code>svn ls https://svn.ws.dei.polimi.it/airlab/Projects/MoonSlamProject/tags/</code>)
== Useful readings ==
== Useful readings ==

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Coordinator: MatteoMatteucci (matteo.matteucci@polimi.it)
Tutor: SimoneCeriani (ceriani@elet.polimi.it)
Students: VincenzoRizzo (vincenzo.arigliano@gmail.com), RobertoBacciocchi (roberto.bacciocchi@mail.polimi.it), AntonioBianchi (antonio.bianchi.333@gmail.com), MladenMazuran (mladen.mazuran@gmail.com), MatteoLuperto (matteo.luperto@polimi.com), AngeloZuffiano (angelo.zuffiano@mail.polimi.it)
Research Area: Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Research Topic:
Start: 2010/06/30
Status: Active


The aim of the moonSlam project is to create a generic software framework for SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping).



Use the DEI svn system (you need a valid account):

Useful readings

Introduction to SLAM

  • Wikipedia [1]
  • IEEE Slam tutorials
    • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Part I [2]
    • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Part II [3]


  • Probabilistic Robotics [6]

Useful Materials

  • Joan Solà materials on quaternions [7], EKF mathematics for SLAM [8] and PhD Thesis [9]

Some thesis (Bachelor, MS or PhD)

  • Visual
    • Migliore Davide (PhD) []
    • MarzoratiDaniele (PhD) []
    • RigamontiRoberto (MS) []
    • Joan Solà (Phd) [10]
  • Computer Vision
    • MassimoQuadrana (Bachelor) []


Andrew Davison home page

Joan Solà home page

Robotics, Perception and Real Time group, Zaragoza