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Coordinator: MatteoMatteucci (
Tutor: SimoneCeriani (
Students: VincenzoRizzo (, RobertoBacciocchi (, AntonioBianchi (, MladenMazuran (, MatteoLuperto (, AngeloZuffiano (
Research Area: Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Research Topic:
Start: 2010/06/30
Status: Active
Level: Ms


The aim of the moonSlam project is to create a generic software framework for SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping).


Useful readings

Introduction to SLAM

  • Wikipedia [1]
  • IEEE Slam tutorials
    • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Part I [2]
    • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Part II [3]

Some thesis (MS or PhD)

  • Visual Slam
    • Migliore Davide (PhD)
    • Marzorati Daniele (PhD)
    • Rigamonti Roberto (MS)
  • Laser Slam
    • Mauro Brenna
    • Mladen Mazuran & MatteoLuperto


Andrew Davison home page

Joan Solà home page

Robotics, Perception and Real Time group, Zaragoza