NonPhotorealistic rendering of speed lines

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Part 1: project profile

Project name

Nonphotorealistic Rendering of Speed Lines

Project short description

The aim of this project is to experiment some new techniques for syntesizing speed lines from video.

Given a video with a moving object (a person, or something else), we will be able to draw some lines on the last video frame which should convey the object motion in the previous k frames. Beside we will be also able to draw some lines during the video reproduction.


Start date: 2008/02/04

End date: 2010/03/04

People involved

Project Advisor

A. Giusti - User:AlessandroGiusti

Students who worked on the project in the past

Marco Branca - User:MarcoBranca as a project for the course Image Analysis and Synthesis, prof. Caglioti

Lorenzo Camerini - User:LorenzoCamerini as a project for the course Image Analysis and Synthesis, prof. Caglioti

Part 2: project description