PEKeB: a PiezoElectric KeyBoard

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Part 1: project profile

Project name

PEKeB - A PiezoElectric KeyBoard

Project short description

PEKeB is a keyboard with some touch key based on PiezoElectric technology. It will have two different interface, an USB and an Ethernet one, for using it remotely by his IP address.


Start date: 2008/07/01

End date: Hopefully, March 2009

People involved

Project head

Prof.ssa Giuseppina Gini - User:GiuseppinaGini

Other Politecnico di Milano people

Ing. Paolo Belluco - User:PaoloBelluco

Students currently working on the project

C. Graziano Laginestra - User:ClementeLaginestra

Laboratory work and risk analysis

Laboratory work for this project will be mainly performed at AIRLab/Lambrate. It will include significant amounts of mechanical work as well as of electrical and electronic activity. Potentially risky activities are the following:

  • Use of mechanical tools. Standard safety measures described in Safety norms will be followed.
  • Use of soldering iron. Standard safety measures described in Safety norms will be followed.

Part 2: project description

The project is composed by:

  • preliminary studies and sketches;
  • design notes and guidelines;
  • description and results of experiments;
  • useful internet links: [1]