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== Currently active students ==
== Currently active students ==
{{#ask:[[UserStatus::active]][[Category:Student]]| format=list
{{#ask:[[Category:Student]] [[UserStatus::active]]| format=list

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Current PhD students

Currently active students

AlainCaltieri, AlbiVelo, AlessandroBellemo, AlessandroCianferotti, AlessandroDeangelis, AlessandroGabrielli, AlessiaPaccagnella, AndreaBignoli, AndreaCavalli, AndreaFerraro, AndreaRomanoni, AndreaSemprebon, AngeloGallarello, AngeloNasole, AngeloZuffiano, CarloDEramo, CarolinaArauz, ChiaraPietropaolo, DanieleFiorenti, DavideTateo … further results

PhD students in the recent past

All users (even if not active)

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