Player modeling in TORCS exploiting SVMs and GPUs parallelism

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Part 1: Project profile

Project name

Player modeling in TORCS exploiting SVMs and GPUs parallelism

Project short description

This project is aimed at building a TORCS' driving agent, using SVMs (Support Vector Machines) as the main Machine Learning algorithm. This agent (also called Bot) must be able to drive versus other agents, with comparable or better performances. To fulfill this achievement, and to be able to train SVMs in feasible time, this work will initially focuses on using the CUDA architecture to rewrite and optimize a well-known SVM Toolkit, LibSVM.


Start date: ~2008/03/01

End date: ~2009/03/01


People involved

Project head(s)

P. L. Lanzi - User:PierLucaLanzi

D. Loiacono - User:DanieleLoiacono

Other Politecnico di Milano people


Students currently working on the project

Fabrizio Bonfanti - User:FabrizioBonfanti

Students who worked on the project in the past


External personnel


Laboratory work and risk analysis

This is meant to be a software project, and all required hardware is used remotely, so no laboratory work is expected. No risks are associated to this project, hopefully.

Part 2: Project description

Work in Progress...

Part 3: Useful links


LibSVM -