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Allowed values are Bs (Bachelor of Science), Ms (Master of Science), and PhD (PhD Project).

For project proposals you can specify both values (separated by semicolon in the ProjectProposal template).

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BasketBot +Master of Science  +
Behavior recognition from visual data +Master of Science  +
BinaryTags +Bachelor of Science  +
BringMeHome +Bachelor of Science  +, Master of Science  +


C-SLAM +Master of Science  +
CAN Bus bootloader for STM32 microcontrollers +Bachelor of Science  +, Master of Science  +
CPG for Warugadar +Master of Science  +
Cestino +Master of Science  +
Characterization of the NIA signal +Master of Science  +
Cognitive SLAM +Master of Science  +
Combinatorial optimization based on stochastic relaxation +Master of Science  +
Combining Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and other Evolutionary techniques for combinatorial optimization +Master of Science  +
Comparison of State of the Art Visual Odometry Systems +Bachelor of Science  +, Master of Science  +
Concierge +Bachelor of Science  +
Control of Whitefinger +Master of Science  +
Creation of new EEG training by introduction of noise +Bachelor of Science  +, Master of Science  +
CrickBot +Bachelor of Science  +
Crocobot +Bachelor of Science  +


Data Extraction From Wikis +Bachelor of Science  +
Data Mining in Computer Games +Bachelor of Science  +, Master of Science  +
Deep Learning on Event-Based Cameras +Master of Science  +
Description Logics Extensions +Master of Science  +
Design and development of a semantic wiki engine +Bachelor of Science  +
Designing Living Objects +Bachelor of Science  +, Master of Science  +
Detecting patterns in ontology usage +Master of Science  +
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