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(New page: This property is a has type::String. The allowed values are allows value::Agents, Multiagent Systems, Agencies, allows value::BioSignal Analysis, [[allows value::Computer Visi...)
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[[allows value::E-Science]],
[[allows value::E-Science]],
[[allows value::Machine Learning]],
[[allows value::Machine Learning]],
[[allows value::Ontologies and Semantic Web]],
[[allows value::Social Software and Semantic Web]],
[[allows value::Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence]],
[[allows value::Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence]],
[[allows value::Robotics]], and
[[allows value::Robotics]], and
[[allows value::Soft Computing]].
[[allows value::Soft Computing]].

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This property is a String. The allowed values are Agents, Multiagent Systems, Agencies, BioSignal Analysis, Computer Vision and Image Analysis, E-Science, Machine Learning, Social Software and Semantic Web, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Soft Computing.

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