Real-time removal of ocular artifact from EEG

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Title: Real-time removal of ocular artifact from EEG
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Description: In a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) based on electroencephalogram (EEG), one of the most important sources of noise is related to ocular movements. Algorithms have been devised to cancel the effect of such artifacts. The project consists in the in the implementation in real time of an existing algorithm (or one newly developed) in order to improve the performance of a BCI.
Tutor: MatteoMatteucci (
Start: 2009/10/01
Students: 1 - 2
CFU: 2.5 - 5
Research Area: BioSignal Analysis
Research Topic: Brain-Computer Interface
Level: Bs, Ms
Type: Course
Status: Active
Tools and instruments
Matlab, BCI2000, C++
J.R. Wolpaw et al. Brain-computer interfaces for communication and control [1]
R.J. Croff, R.J. Barry. Removal of ocular artifact from the EEG: a review [2]