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This is a template for the AIRLab Subversion repository of source code for robots. The repository is subdivided into two separate sections:

  1. generic_libraries containing software packages that implement single robot functionalities in the form of libraries for general use. Each library must be a stand-alone package with its own Makefile, to be compiled separately.
  2. specific_modules, containing software packages that are dedicated to specific robots (or other devices). Each package can take one of the following forms:
    1. a complete [Ros Howto | ROS] package implementing all or part of the functionalities of the device;
    2. a single Ros Howto | ROS node implementing one of the functionalities of the device;
    3. a special-purpose software library which is dedicated to the device, the function of which is too specialized for inclusion in the generic_libraries section of the repository.
  • robot_elements
    • generic_libraries
      • play_media
        • media_library1
      • behavior
      • brian
      • safety
        • radio_remote
      • fuzzy
        • fuzzy_library1
      • multi-robot
        • scare
      • obstacle
        • fuzzy_library1
      • logging
        • logging_library1
      • motor_control
        • logging_library1
      • odometry
        • odometry_library1
      • planning
        • spike
      • pose
        • ARToolKit-based_library1
      • sensor
        • laser
          • hokuyo
        • sonar
          • AIRLab_sonar_board
        • vision
          • AIRLabProsilica
  • specific_modules
    • wheelchair
    • Triskar2