Robotics Teaching Assistant lectures (Como)

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Materials used in the Tutorial part of Robotics course (academic year 2011-2012, Como)

First lecture

  • Homogeneous coordinates for points in 2D and 3D
  • Rotation and translation in 2D and 3D homogeneous coordinate
  • Transformation inversion and composition.
  • Lines in 2D homogeneous coordinates, duality with points, line intersection and line joining two points
  • The line at the infinity (2D)
  • Brief introduction to conics
  • 2D projective transformation introduction

Slides with animations File:Robotics-ceriani-ese-01-anim.pdf

Handout File:Robotics-ceriani-ese-01-handout.pdf

Second lecture

  • Projective 2D transformations (Homographies) of points, lines and conics
  • Homography estimation and image rectification
  • Hierarchy of transformations (isometries, similarities, affine, homographies)
  • Vanishing points
  • Parametric lines and Cross Ratio (with exercize)
  • Affine reconstruction
  • 3D projective geometry: points and planes, quadrics, transformations, vanishing points and lines
  • Brief recall to art and usage of vanishing points
  • Some videos and images examples
  • Image definition, Camera system, Thin lenses approximation, Fresnel law, depth of field
  • Pin hole model, Intrinsic camera matrix
  • Extra exercises with cross ratio

Slides with animations File:Robotics-ceriani-ese-02-anim.pdf Videos:

To see videos in the presentation you have to download and extract them into a folder named "videos" in the same folder of the slide file Video are visible in the pdf file in Windows using Acrobat Reader, in Linux using Okular

Handout File:Robotics-ceriani-ese-02-handout.pdf

Third lecture

Slides with animations File:Robotics-ceriani-ese-03-anim.pdf

Handout File:Robotics-ceriani-ese-03-handout.pdf