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Roomba is a low-cost robot produced by iRobot.

The Roomba is intended to be a cleaning robot, however with little to no modification it can become a powerful educational/hobbyist robotics platform. The Roomba comes with these basic sensors.

1. Four IR based cliff sensors
2. Two bump sensors
3. One wall sensor
4. A top mounted IR sensor. Used by Virtual Walls, Docking Station, and Remote Control
5. One Dirt Detector (acoustic impact). Some Roombas have two.

The Roomba is sold commercially as a Vacuum Cleaner. Thus it also has...

1. One main brush motor
2. A side brush motor
3. A Vacuum motor

The Roomba proprietary Serial Command Interface is available here: Roomba SCI.

Connecting to the Roomba:

Make your own Roomba-serial, Roomba-USB or Roomba-bluetooth dongle.

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