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Spykee, the RoboWII2.0 base at its first demo. Notice the sonars to avoid obstacles.

Spykee is a commercial, low cost robot produced by Mecano, which can be driven remotely by computer. It has a camera on board which can send images via WI-FI to a computer. It can also issue messages and sounds via a loudspeaker. Antonio Micali has implemented in the RoboWII2.0 project a library to drive it directly from code and get information both from its original sensors and from a sonar belt he has mounted on the robot and connected wireless via XBee.

The robot home is the AIRLab in Lambrate (cupboard C-INF), and is to be used by people working on the ROBOWII and RobogameDesign projects. In the box there are: Spykee, Spykee charger, 2 wiimotes, a XBee module.

If you need to take it from there, you should first ask Andrea Bonarini, and then book it in the table below.

Day Time Person Project
June 5 for 10 days Andrea Pontecorvo RoboWII2.0.1
June 23 for 8 days Diego Mereghetti RoboWII2.1