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The first approach to the problem

The body is made up of modules which allow the overall motion of body, while (possibily) preserving their self-sufficiency and separation in the structure.

E-2 neck 1.png

The bottom and top modules are identical and, together, allow a -30 +60 degrees inclination of the body.

E-2 neck 3.png

The middle module is not self sufficient or separated from the top and bottom modules, but relies on their structure to anchor its driver element.

E-2 neck 2.png

The second approach

E-2 Body 2nd approach 1.png E-2 Body 2nd approach 2.png E-2 Body 2nd approach 3.png E-2 Body 2nd approach 4.png E-2 Body 2nd approach 5.png E-2 Body 2nd approach 6.png