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The first approach to the problem

The body is made up of modules which allow the overall motion of body, while (possibily) preserving their self-sufficiency and separation in the structure.

E-2 neck 1.png

The bottom and top modules are identical and, together, allow a -30 +60 degrees inclination of the body.

E-2 neck 3.png

The middle module is not self sufficient or separated from the top and bottom modules, but relies on their structure to anchor its driver element.

E-2 neck 2.png

The second approach

The three main configurations of E-2?'s Body, from a side view.
E-2 Body 2nd approach 1.png

This time the approach should be final, since the mechanisms involved in bending the neck are both defined and comprised of components we are already familiar with.
E-2 Body 2nd approach 2.png

Perspective of E-2?'s Body, bending forward
E-2 Body 2nd approach 3.png

Perspective of E-2?'s Body, bending back
E-2 Body 2nd approach 4.png

The back-and-forward bending module and (over) the lateral bending module
E-2 Body 2nd approach 5.png

Another perspective of the two modules
E-2 Body 2nd approach 6.png