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D-Link router

User: admin
Pass: pcbricklurch

mac-address clonato all'interfaccia esterna: 00-40-63-eb-d1-a1 (pcbrick-03)


SSID: lurch
channel: 6
WPA2 PSK: pcbricklurch

Fixed IPs

pcbrick-one 00-40-63-eb-d2-a2
pcbrick-03 00-40-63-eb-d1-a1
simone-desktop 00-02-72-52-04-a1
pcbrick-one 00-30-18-a2-aa-8e
simone-laptop 00-1f-3c-9c-66-f1


MSL library soruce + PQP source: compiled on Ubuntu 8.10 with gcc 4.3.2