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Source code

All the code for the project is hosted on github. The repository can be browsed here.

Instructions for compilation and installation are provided in the documentation (appendix A). Notes regarding the firmware for the STM32F4 Discovery Board are in the appendix B of the documentation (source code is in the same github repository)


  • Documentation (in italian) [last update: 1 April 2013]
  • The posters used to explain the game at MeetMeTonight 2012 (in italian)

Stickers for RFID tags

  • PDFs of the stickers that have been applied on the RFID tags: sheet 1 and sheet 2 (print them on polyester adhesives)
  • Adobe Illustrator sources of the stickers and the images of RFID stickers used to represent them in the GUI

Other stuff


  • Qui c'è una nostra piccola guida con i comandi principali e il codice di nodi di esempio (presi dai tutorial), sia per C++ che per Python
  • Also, in the AirWiki there is an handy ROS Howto, that is useful too...


  • Qui c'è una spiegazione parziale e incompleta del protocollo di comunicazione tra SpyKee e il computer (non tutti i pacchetti sono stati testati, ma solo poco più di quelli che ci interessavano)
  • It's not so useful, but as the Spykee firmware is open source, you can take a look here if you want to find out how the other packets work (beware: the download is huge!)

Hardware stuff

  • In this file I collected some useful datasheet of part of the hardware employed in the project

Mr. Brian / Fuzzy controller

  • If you need to put your hand into the rules of the fuzzy controller, on the AirWiki there is a complete guide to Mr. Brian in the MRT page (direct link)! (read only the chapter about Mr. Brian, the other stuff wasn't used in RoboTower)