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The robot should have:

  • a dimension of about 25cm of radius, 20 cm height
  • a speed of about 1 m/sec
  • omnidirectional movement (Kamro wheels)
  • sensors to avoid obstacles (sonars)
  • a camera that can be moved up and down (and eventually left and right)
  • wireless connection to a computer (Wi-fi)
  • Bluetooth connection
  • have power enough to move and transmit for at least 2 hours without recharging
  • Have the possibility to recharge autonomously

The robot should cost as less as possible


  • Select HW
 ** ST ARM HW (ask Martino Migliavacca <>, GUMSTIX (, ARDUINO (, other...)
 ** Engines (,
 ** batteries (above, or standard A, AA or AAA type)
 ** Camera (ST smart cameras, with Ethernet wired link)
 ** Sonar (already available (see ROBOWII2.0))
 ** Blue tooth and WI-FI
  • Design body (structure and appearance), sensor placement, eventual movements of the camera
  • Implement the robot
  • test the robot with a simple game (e.g. RoboWII2.0)