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{{#ifeq:{{{projectpage|}}}|||{{Tablerow|Label=Project page|Value=<ul>{{#arraymap:{{{projectpage|}}}|;|x|<li>[[x]]</li>|}}</ul>}}
{{#ifeq:{{{projectpage|}}}|||{{Tablerow|Label=Project page|Value=<ul>{{#arraymap:{{{projectpage|}}}|;|x|<li>[[x]]</li>|}}</ul>}}}}

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This template simplifies the creation of articles about PhD students. When inserted in a person's page, it creates a decorative table with much helpful information. It also takes care of annotating the given data semantically, so that users can easily find it or query it in other articles. Do not try to read this page's source code for learning table syntax – there are far easier ways of creating tables in MediaWiki.

To use this template, insert the following at the beginning of your user page. All fields are strictly optional and should be omitted if no data is given.

Please delete all lines that you do not give useful information for!

 | firstname=Mario
 | lastname=Rossi
 | email=mario.rossi@elet.polimi.it
 | advisor=NomeCognome (the first name and the last name of your advisor, with no spaces in between)
 |         ***NOTE:*** you can specify a LIST of advisors, separating them with a semicolon (;)
 | resarea=The name of your research area
 |         ***NOTE:*** you can specify a LIST of research areas, separating them with a semicolon (;)
 | photo=name of picture (e.g. "Mario.jpg"), use "upload file" on the left

The order of the fields is not relevant. The template should be given as the first thing on a page.