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Walk of ULISSE robot

Project name

Try to implement some new wolk for the robot ULISSE and put an artificial vision sensor on it.

Project short description

We'll try to expand the the possible walks of the robot ULISSE and try to implement some sensors to allow the robot to "know

where is" in the room: video sensors, touch sensors or ... . We also will try to drive it with a camera put on it and find some future application for the robot.


Start date: 2008/06/17

End date: 2010/12/31

Project head(s)

G. Gini

Students currently working on the project

Davide Valentino Fasani User:Davide Fasani

Chiara Fornoni User:ChiaraFornoni

Students who worked on the project in the past

Lorenzo Molinaro

Cristian Salvaterra

Part 2: project description

Some ideas for the project we will do are:

  • state of the art;
  • design notes and guidelines;
  • description and results of experiments;
  • photos and videos;
  • link to source code of the software written for the project;
  • advice about the configuration and the use of hardware and software;

We will upload materials as soon as possible!!