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I'm a M.Sc. student of computer science, working on my thesis. I was born on 26th march 1989 in Pescara. I studied at Liceo Scientifico and got my high school diploma in 2008. Afterwards, I got my bachelor degree in computer science at Politecnico Di Milano in 2011. During my academic years I found myself very interested in artificial intelligence and robotics topics and that's why I've chosen a thesis about these stuff. Moreover, I like all subjects dealing with math and physics too. I'm currently working on neural networks (more precisely, deep belief networks) for the Object Recognition with Deep Belief Networks project.

Carlo D'Eramo
First Name: Carlo
Last Name: D'Eramo
Project page: Object_Recognition_with_Deep_Belief_Networks
Project page(s): Object Recognition with Deep Boltzmann Machines
Status: active