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|firstname=Clemente Graziano
|firstname=Clemente Graziano

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"Hello world!"

I'm a computer engineering student at Politecnico di Milano.

Now I'm attending 3rd year, PEKeB is the work for my 3rd year thesis.

I was born in Basilicata, in the South of Italy on 7th August 1986 and I attended Liceo scientifico "Ettore Majorana" in Genzano di Lucania where, in 2005, I obtained degree.

Clemente Graziano Laginestra
Foto di ClementeLaginestra
First Name: Clemente Graziano
Last Name: Laginestra
E-Mail: graziano.laginestra@gmail.com
Project page: PEKeB: a PiezoElectric KeyBoard
Project page(s):