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{{#ask: [[prjTutor::User:{{PAGENAME}}]] | format=table}}
{{#ask: [[prjTutor::User:{{PAGENAME}}]] | format=table}}
Test for tutored projects:
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warning.png"Ontologies and Semantic Web" is not in the list of possible values (Affective Computing, Agents - Multiagent Systems - Agencies, BioSignal Analysis, Computational Intelligence and Games, Computer Vision and Image Analysis, E-Science, Machine Learning, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Social Software and Semantic Web) for this property.
Davide Eynard
Foto di DavideEynard
First Name: Davide
Last Name: Eynard
E-Mail: eynard@elet.polimi.it
Research Areas:

As arcs are more important than nodes, here are some links:

Advised students:

Tutored projects:

A Unifying Framework for Semantic Annotation
A firefox extension for semantic annotations
A tool to find and store annotations into a unifying semantic ontology
Annotation aggregators from social applications
Automatic generation of domain ontologies
Data Extraction From Wikis
Description Logics Extensions
Design and development of a semantic wiki engine
Detecting patterns in ontology usage
Extending a wiki with semantic templates
Facebook Automatic List Suggestion
Firefox Extension for Semantic Annotation
Semantic wiki extensions with context ontologies
… further results