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|projectpage=Jedi Robot Training 3.0
|projectpage=Jedi Robot Training 3.0

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Diego Martinoia
Foto di DiegoMartinoia
First Name: Diego
Last Name: Martinoia
E-Mail: diego.martinoia@mail.polimi.it
Project page: Jedi Robot Training 3.0
Project page(s): Jedi Robot Training 3.0, Jedi Training Robogame
Status: active

Bachelor student in Computer Science Engineering, ord.270.


I was born on the 9th of march 1989, in Varese - Italy. I attended ITIS L.Cobianchi high school where i got my degree in Informatica in 2008. That same year, i enrolled at Polimi in a Computer Science Engineering course, ord. 270.

I'm currently working at the Airlab under the guidance of Prof. Andrea Bonarini; i'm currently focused on teaching to robots how to laser-fence in a non-dumb way.